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European IT Management Symposium​

Culture Meets Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership – What does it take? Which leadership principles and which methods must be established? What cultural challenges are to be faced?

In our two-day event, we invited to discuss your challenges with your national and European CIO colleagues. You took the opportunity to engage in intercultural exchange with CIOs and executives from large enterprises and mid-sized companies and paved the way to digital leadership.

Culture Meets Digital Leaderships​

Fernando Burgos

CIO Santander Consumer Bank AG

Sinanudin Omerhodzic

Transformational CIO & CDO ALDI Nord

Speakers & Participants…

2 days full of cultural interchange

Digital Leadership - the biggest challenge?

Leadership is the key competence of the CIO by definition. That is not new. But HOW to lead is changing. How do we adapt to fluctuating uncertainty? When shall we go slow, when fast? How do we integrate IT and business towards digital? How do we achieve Agility, Resilience, Ambidexterity?

Transparency drives cultural change

Cultural change is an ongoing topic companies nowadays increasingly face. We propose that transparency is a key to achieving the change. How much transparency is needed and how do I achieve it? What other ingredients do I need for success?

From Empowerment to Engagement

Good leaders empower their employees. Good leaders empower their partners. But what is empowerment without engagement? How do I nurture engagement to achieve maximum results?

Adaptive Everything?

Adaptive Governance, Adaptive Leadership, Adaptive X?Adaptive ways of working are critical to surviving, and even more to lead in volatile times. But how much adaptiveness is actually necessary? Can there be too much adaptivity? What’s next?